Friday, July 30, 2010

Lots of Moisture----weeds!

My sheep pasture is rolling hills, hollows and trees. The goats cleared the brush, and are gone. They would strip the prickly ash brush, the following year only a stick remained, a small thumb size root made for easy pulling. So the brush is gone.  I used a small hand scythe on the thistles. After 6 years, most of the thistles are gone. This is the year for worm wood--that's what we call it around here--- a sage like plant with a terrible smell,
The lower stems are as hard as and the size of lead pencils. Using the scythe is not working...its too hard on me and my arthritis. I thought the riding lawn mower. I picked the rocks, set the mower deck as high as it would go and still run, and carefully and slowly mowed where I dared. It looks wonderful. What to do where the mower can't go? I got out an old weed eater I bought at a garage sale. I ran through alot of string but it cut the worm wood. I bought another 100 ft electric cord and I am unstoppable. Most of the pasture looks like a park. Today I rest.....if my doctor knew what I was shhhh!
My camera doesn't have a zoom. So when a lamb poses I take some pics and hope for the best. This pic is a bit fuzzy but it shows the girth, size, depth and gorgeous fleece on my moiget ram lamb "Butte" from Gail. I purchased his yearling (she lambed this year at 12 months) dam "Belle" as well. Thanks so much Gail.  Belle is my largest ewe, she is bigger than the mature ewes! Butte is too shy to come up for grain so his fantastic gain is on grass alone. He and the spotted ram lamb from Corrine will each get part of the flock.
 Met Butte 'the brute' at 100 days of age. Boy I sure like him.

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