Thursday, July 1, 2010

Camera is Back! Baby chix, updates on Tamarisks

Wife Paula had the camera on her Idaho trip. Paula had a great time with her cousins. Today I took some pictures. The sheep are in the shade, maybe get some new sheep pics this afternoon.
Our Tamarisk bushes are 6 years old. Last Spring one almost died and we thought the other was headed gthe same way. I trimmed off all the dead branches-- my theory if the is a dead branch in the way it may hinder new growth--I don't know- just sounds good to me. Well one is back to 6 ft high the other is showing signs of life!
Today I got 55 baby pullet chicks in the mail from Ideal Hatchery. I have had good luck with their chcikens. True to type and very healthly. Most will be sold as layer pullets. There is 30 Buff Orpingtons and 25 Ameraucanas (green egg layers) If there is a couple very interesting colored Ameraucana pullets I will keep them for my layer flock. On Saturday we are travel to Litchfield (and points beyond) to pick up 10 Splash week old Silkie chicks.

They were hatched by Silkie hens so the picture I was sent has hens tending the chicks.  I have raised chickens since I was OK.......48 years.  Still fond of them! The striped one is one of two barnyard bantams that hatched,,,,,we  can have them for free.

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Gail V said...

Pretty, pearl gray chicks, Jerry. You'll have to tell me more about them. They might be the next interesting chicken we raise.