Sunday, July 11, 2010

Boys on their own!

My 3 yr old ram Einstein, 2 ram lambs Tundra and Butte are enjoying vacation. This morning I removed them from the flock. The rams are on a small pasture I was saving, tall grass and clover. They are busy munching, they don't mind being away from the ewes..Now that the ram has been removed, the ewes are going out to the far end of the pasture.. Before I was inciting them with a leafy branch to follow me I look out the window,,there the ewes are eating in the far end! great!  My 5 ewes and big ewe lamb Tulla.
I like to take pictures  so here you go


Gail V said...

Jerry, those sheep are so lucky to have the small trees' shade-- but aren't you worried they'll eat all the bark off?
We put big loose circles of welded wire fence around the trunks. Works well.

Jerry said...

Gail, in 6 years of goats and sheep. They have never ate any bark. If they start I will do as you suggest.

Becky Utecht said...

Does anyone else see a very distinct eye looking out from the lower right hand corner of the top photo? It's really cool how the weeds are configured in that photo.