Friday, July 16, 2010

They are here!!

Way back on March 7th I reserved six Shetland ewes from Garrett. The wait has been a long one. But this morning early, before it got warmer, we traveled the 50 miles to get them. Garrett had them penned, he wormed them and we put in ear tags (yellow with black numbers). So I can tell who is who.  Beautiful youthful ewes. All in good body condition, good fleece, bright eyed and quiet.
The six are two Miogets- "Autumn and Twix", two Katmogets "Castle Rock and Snow Cloud", one Gray "Shasta" and one non-fading Black "Dark Chocolate".  Several carry spots so next Spring lambing will be very exciting. Garrett was a good host as always. We looked over this year's lambs.Garrett pointed out the lambs from the ewes I had purchased. 
Thanks Garrett for the unique opportunity to add some really good ewes to my flock

So the flock is set. 12 ewes and my ewe lamb Tulla. Here they are in their winter fleece.

2005 Autumn
2007 Twix
2008 Castle Rock

2007 Snow Cloud
2005 Shasta
2007 Dark Chocolate

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Congratulations! We are picking up a new ewe from Roundabout Acres tomorrow. Always an exciting time when new animals arrive.