Sunday, July 4, 2010

New critter pics!

Introducing Belle a yearling Mioget. Belle is long wide and large. Belle's ram lamb Butte is large for his age, nice junior sire. I like my ewes on the bigger side, remember its a grade flock, so I have what I like. I chased the Registered Boer Goat rainbow, now I am just settling in with tame ewes that can raise a good lamb. The many colors and markings is a big bonus.

Third pic is of Yarrow, a four year old musket. She tends to stay darker than some muskets. After shearing, Yarrow went through the rise and was slick sheared a week ago. She is a long framed ewe that stands good on all four. In my editing and cropping I lost a new pic of Palisade. I got a good shot of the Silkie hen and her chicks.
So that's all for now


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Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Very nice ewes, Jerry. And I love the Silkie and her chickies. They are adorable. :)