Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today In the Mail ~~

They arrived Express Mail from Florida in one day! American Fantail Pair 
A Powder Silver cock
And a Silver hen that carries Powder....

so they will produce several Powder Silvers........

Later I will add the Ash Red gene and get Powder Creams....

Not unlike breeding Shetland sheep......gather the genes and produce all colors!

Till later

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have a Great Thanksgiving!!

Cous Sue is picking me up. I will be enjoying the day with my cousins, aunt and uncle! 28 of us talking, laughing and eating.
Aunt and Uncle 50th wedding anniversary with their family,,,,,,,,my cousins with families...

I am bringing my scalloped corn....not for the calorie counters, 3 can cream corn, 3 cans whole kernel corn, one pack of saltines crushed, 1 stick melted butter, 5 beaten eggs,  1/2 pound cubed Velvetta....I bake it in the corck pot cassarole for 3 hours... when done put it in the crock pot base on lower to keep it warm....its always empty by the end of the day!

Enjoy the day   I am thankful for family!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

All moved In !!

I have been here 11 days. I am all unpacked and everything is out.  Pictures are all hung and my chicken figurines are everywhere.  Its home. Its cozy, handy and I don't put on some many miles......my farm house was way too large for just me!  My dau Jess and her husband Dave are enjoying the big house and their 2 large dogs have room to roam. Now they are the land owners and I have a smaller yard to take care of, it all works.

I have been to concerts, plays.......and for the first time since I had to stop working I have a calendar planner! Concerts, birthdays, special events to mark down.........I carry it with me!  I have a camera bag with a long shoulder strap......my verison of a  "man purse".  Kleenex, check book, coin purse, cell phone, covered plastic cup to spit in Remember I can't swallow my salvia--- easy on the farm Spit anywhere - Now at a concert one must have a better solution! I was wearing cargo pants with lots of pockets, all that stuff in there, the pants got heavy!

My garden shed, now has two south windows. Its housing 3 pair of pigeons, 4 Silkie hens and Nessie's pet rabbit.  Oh 2 more pair of pigeons are coming in the mail. Pigeons like sheep you can't have just a few! They are such beauties. My four pair Of Old German Owls will have young is all most every color pattern!

Oh there is a fifth pair ---American Fantails.  I used to raise a lot of these. So I got a pair Powder Blue check cock and a Lavender hen  They will produce pastel colors

Winter is trying to start but so far.....40 degree days prevail  I still have to break down 40 or so cardboard boxes stored in the garage, so they can be put on the curb. At a late rummage sale I got a solid old holding table---8 foot long It will become tool bench for the garage.  I need to get it organized so I can find everything.

In my spare time I am browsing through old nursery catalogues  getting ideas. I am putting up my white fence from the farm, incorporating a walk through garden arbor.....with climbing arctic kiwi  yep hardy into zone 3

I found yellow shrub roses just like my Grandma used to have  I will plant some on the back of the lot...I can see them when I am outisde and standing at the kitchen sink window..then all the shrubs I am bringing in from the farm.........making my own garden of eden.........cooing pigoens...........flowers/shrubs blooming everywhere
You get the idea