Friday, July 23, 2010

He's Home!!

Our daughter Jess married 6 years ago. Her husband Dave is a great guy. If I had to pick a husband for Jess, he would be my pick. I have told him so! Shortly after their wedding, Dave left for Air Force Basic Training in Texas. My parents and Jess traveled down for his Academy Graduation. Then Dave was off to his first assignment in New Port News, Virginia. Jess moved in with us. They missed each other terribly. Jess announced she was going to find an apartment and move to Virginia. Jess went on line, found an apt, send the deposit and first month's rent. We packed up their pickup, Jess and I traveled to Virginia. When we got Dave from the barracks, he was thin and very quiet (he is not usually quiet)  Jess said Dad what do I do? I said just hug him and you do the talking. Poor guy.
From Virginia, they moved near an Air force base in Florida. They bought a home and stayed for three years. Hurricane Katrina hit hard. They were excavated to Tennessee. Their home was one of the few not destroyed.  
The Air Force implemented an Early Out Program (as it felt it had too many enlisted men) Dave was 26 when he enlisted. An excellent Corpsman, but being older he was always team leader. He didn't enjoy being in charge of 18-19 yr old boys. The pull back to Minnesota was too good to resist. Their home sold in 3 days--one of the few still standing. Dave's remaining 3 years was turned into 6 years with the Air National Guard. With the Air Guard, Dave traveled to Pennsylvania for heavy equipment training. Another assignment was building a road on the US/Mexican border. While he was there. He toured a Border Station and visited with the Border Patrolman.
In June 2009 Dave began the process to become a candidate for the Border Patrol. Excessive background checks, multiple interviews, physicals and a mountain of paperwork. December 6th Dave received a letter of acceptance to the Border Patrol and an offer of employment..... Training school to start in two weeks.
However Dave's unit had been called to Afghanistan! He could have opted out, but his replacement would have been a man with a baby due soon. Because he was called to active duty, the Border Patrol would hold his job and training until he returned.
Dave left mid December. He endured 120 degree weather and sand storms while building an airplane runway.
Yesterday Dave returned home!!! We are blessed. He is home safe and sound. Soon Dave well leave for six months of Patrol training in New Mexico. The letter politely states that family should not follow as the students will receive extensive training and learn Spanish, and they do not need the distraction of family. So Jess will remain in Alex working at the Post Office and learning Spanish.
Jess does OK on her own, they have no children. After training, Dave will be assigned to the Southern border and Jess can follow. I have chatted plenty! here's a pic of Dave and Jess


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Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

So glad he is home safe and sound!