Monday, August 2, 2010

Poor May! Update May's boys are sold!!

May has a set of twins born later than the others. The rest of the lambs were weaned long ago. In the morning, the flock goes out to pasture, May is by the barn nursing her lambs. As soon as I find a home for her ram lambs, it will be more peaceful.
Nice ram lambs, 10 weeks old, Border Leicester/Shetland cross,will make good eating or fiber pets.
The lamb facing the camera has soft fleece as a BLF cross. I can wether them before they leave. To go as a set, so May can rest.  All offers considered.

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Becky Utecht said...

They look nice Jerry. And May looks nice and trim again. Good job. For the first time ever, we took our market lambs to the sales barn in mid-July and got $1.15 a pound for them. I was glad to have 5 less mouths to feed, but wish I could have gotten the higher prices we saw earlier in the year.