Sunday, November 25, 2012

New critter pics

Well winter has come to Minnesota. Not my favorite season, but being retired, if its bad weathr I just stay home! I have just a few breeding groups........just to enjoy the hens and rabbit.

My new bantam cochin hens arrived.  Lemon blue and Brown Reds. They are gorgeous. Tame and gentle.....they are fun to watch.

This week they will be joined by a Blue mottled pullet

Buddy is enjoying the cool weather, he recently got his wool cut......

I reduced the number of chicks to 5.......hopefully all pullets......I guess time will tell

I take a 2 mile walk every day, TLC my pets, with new powerful glasses (and eye drops) I can read large print I always have a book in progress. My quiet life suits me, I am not alone---I live with me!

Till later

Monday, November 12, 2012

They over stayed their welcome

I had a brooder box set up in my main floor laundry for my 16 cochin bantam chicks. A clear plastic 32 gallon tote,its lid cut to have half of it a screen. brooder light with 40 watt bulb attached to it-- on a card table.  The tote bottom had a bit of give to it.......At 10 days they started running marathons during the night. What a rucus...thump, thump, thump with a few chicks cheering them on with loud chirps. So I made a pen on a shelf in my hen house. At 2 weeks old I moved them out to their new pen.  Its larger, they are happy and I am gettin more sleep!

"They" say that the pullet chicks develop their wing and tail feathers before the rooster chicks do. If that holds true then this one is a pullet "Golda" she will jump up and stand on my hand, she's not afraid [disclaimer she is bolder than a pullet should be- time will tell the gender]
Here's the gang in their new pen..the chick at the wire is "Golda" a Golden Laced

Golda will look like this as a 6 month old pullet
Till later