Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ah temptation!

Yesterday Corrine posted pictures of a loud spotted black/white ram lamb Brewster. We have spoke of him before.........waiting for the other nut to drop. He is a beautiful ram. A large sized lamb with great fleece of good crimp.  Sire's fleece tested 20.7 microns, dam 4 yr old fleece 28, both Sommarang bred.
I have several ewes that carry spots.......I want to get some spotted lambs.
Side note: Brewster's one nut doesn't bother me. I understand he will sire some one nut rams-
they will be market lambs. A neighbor had one nut and had 5 kids. My great grandmother got a 
free 'wether'.  the wether wasn't fixed properly and sired a large Spring lamb crop.
Brewster will travel with Corrine to the Jefferson Wool Festival in September. He will ride home with Garrett.  Thanks to both for getting Brewster's pick up close to home

So next Spring we will have some of these in our barn!

So here is Brewster.


corinne said...

: )

Ok Acres said...

I am so glad that someone is taking a chance on Brewster, he is a wonderful little ram and I fell in love with him when I purchased Nantucket from Corinne. Way to go.
I'm a fellow shetland breeder, from Southern WI, and just wanted to say hello.