Monday, July 26, 2010

My sheep still amze me!

They graze rain or shine, day and night. They are returning to their bloom after nursing lambs. These ewes really put the body and soul into milk production. Fleeces are grwoing back and they look like sheep again.
This winter I have 2009 tender first cutting for fall and gestation, and if it ever stays dry for a week
green fine 2nd cutting coming for the first part of their lactation. With the carryover I easily have hay for two feeding seasons. I like it that way.......poor hay year, I have hay on hand. Get a chance for some really nice hay...I will buy and store it. My mentality stems from 1976, my first year of milking cows on my own.......No rain.......40 acres of corn make a pathetic silage pile, I have to scour the country side of hay. Grasshoppers came out of the woods and ate the garden. 30 miles north of us, Army worms stripped all the leaves off the trees. Temps were hot, no clouds and sand devils swirled about.  Our taste of the dirty 30s. It made a lastly impression on this then 21 year old.

Till later

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