Friday, July 2, 2010

A Few Sheep Pics,,,,,,,,and an adventure

LRO Bella's  ewe lamb Tulla. At 11 weeks old she is awesome! Good length fleece in fawn? She is an Ag moorit. Look at her face, beatuiful.  Her mom Bella is HST marked modified moorit. She is three and large, just what I like for my Hobby Shetlands. She has proven to be an excellent mother and milker. If you call her name she will come. if you have a treat for her, she will follow you anywhere! Bella is ready to wean her lambs.
 May arrived at my farm as an open ewe. She was bred late and has a nice set of crossbred market ram lambs.  Don't let her short legs fool you she is a work horse. When I am in the pen she will come over for her chin scratch. At 5 she still has years ahead of her!
 And the Champion of the flock, Einstein. Einstein originated from Bluff Country. Sired by black HST ram Windswept Zorro and a triplet out of Nancy's infamous Alice ewe. Alice has had 20 lambs in 8 lambings and raised them all! At nine Alice has all her teeth and raised big set of  triplets this year. Einstein is wide, long and wide. As he has aged and his testosterone, he has a bit of scadder on behind his head.  His fleece is soft, has good handle and good length.

 Have have impatiently waited for the calendar to turn to July. So its weaning time, and the ewes I have spoken for are ready to come home!
Pickup and box are ready to go. The box is 6 years old and has hauled a lot of goats and sheep. This Spring the box got a fresh coat of paint and some new bolts in places.  It has serviced us well.
Our old 98 Chevy truck is ready and able
The box is covered with air slots for passive air movement, fresh air without a draft. But if you look inside.......Its empty! Ah but tomorrow that will change! End boards will be in and if you look through the slots to the inside.....well let's just say my micro flock will grow! 

Till later



roundaboutacres said...

Tulla is beautiful! I'm glad you like her!

Anonymous said...

Black in this heat? You will need something more than passive ventilation or you will have dead animals.

Jerry said...

The box has slots along both sides and the top is white with air slots. The term passive was used to describe the air flow was such that the sheep would not get a large draft on them, but air flow. Heat rises hence the slots in the top. It was 91 degrees and the sheep traveled well. The box was cool not stuffy, they didn't even breathe heavily (as in panting to stay cool). For six years the box has worked well

Anonymous said...
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