Saturday, July 3, 2010

They're home!!

We traveled to Hamburg, MN  Visited with Gail and her family, I looked over her sheep. Most are very tame and come up to you. All were exceptional Shetlands. I pointed to certain ones, got their name and history.  I chose Belle a moiget yearling and her modified moorit ram lamb. Belle is a large yearling as is her lamb, both with nice crimpy fleece.  I picked out Yarrow a musket, carrying spots. Yarrow is a big 4 yr old, raised a nice set of twins and is in good condition. She is out of BlueBell. Yarrow will come and lay her head in your lap.  The third choice was 6 yr old Palisade, a black carrying spots. Like her name Pal is a real pal, very tame and amiable.
We visited some, loaded up and headed for home. The sheep were comfortable in the pickup box with good air movement and a white painted roof on the box kept them cool.

We got home safe and sound. We unloaded them. Now I brag how big my Bella is, well Yarrow, Belle and Pal are bigger than she! I am very pleased with my new ewes. Pictures courtesy of Gail, Little Red Oak Shetlands.
Belle last fall at 7 months old.
Yarrow with one of her lambs
Very please with my new additions.  So the count is 5 ewes, 5 lambs and Einstein.

Oh on the way to Gail's we picked up the 10 Splash blue Silkie chicks (a week old) I managed to buy the Silkie momma hen too. They are resting in their new digs, a modified hutch (solid floor)

Till later


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Gail V said...

Oh, I'm so glad to see my big girls are so appreciated by you. Pal is the girl who will leave the flock to come to you, if you just get down on a knee and ask her to.
All three ewes are loves. Belle is sweet, too, we just haven't known her as long! I know you will take care of them for me.