Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New sheep came home!

Yesterday, we traveled to North Branch, 2 1/2 hours east of us to the farm of Terri Drimel. Terri had 2 ewes for sale We arrived and saw some very nice sheep Terri's ram Dougal, her Cheviot ewes, and her yearling very pregnant Finn ewes. Her Finn ewes were of great size and style...very nice.  Her Shetland ewes has great size and very good quality.
I saw a really nice Shetland ewe as she walked across the lot.. She has a presence and a confidence about her. I pointed "who is that ewe"  Terri "That's Lily" I was impressed with Lily's large size. She is long, wide deep stout. A moorit  3 yr old with many years ahead of her. A ewe that is a bit wary....but with treats I will tame her. This morning she was very tame at grain feeding time  Udder filling and very pregnant. Due in 2 weeks to a white Shetland ram. I liked her size and good frame, she just had to come home.   Shorn and in full fleece. last year after shearing Lily went through a rise so her rump fleece is thick.

The ewe I traveled for is Belle.Belle was tied in the corral, patiently waiting her fate.  A HST marked (she has 4 white socks and a white tail tip). Again Belle has a great size to her, she is a large, deep wide stout 3 yrs old. Tame, good confrontation. Look at her well muscled rear leg, good thick bone and wide stance!  I really like her. Belle is due in 2 weeks to a white Shetland ram.
Shown in full fleece and shorn

I am excited some more lambs coming. Right now the only lamb is Shade. I am hoping for a couple of ewe lambs from Lily and Belle. My other Shet ewe Maybeline is getting a very big tummy. She isn't due till May 16th to a Border Leicester/Icelandic ram. And then there is yearling Cher  just starting to make an udder...or at least I thnk so. Cher must have been open when she arrived, so she too is bred to the BL/Ice ram

So my flock has grown a bit. In  July the rest of the ewes are coming home, 6 Shetland ewes from Garrett and BlueBell and Palisade from Gail. A good starter flock indeed.

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Gail V said...

Well, Jerry,
it's nice, in a way, that your lambs will be spread out-- and that you know when to watch for them all.
I recognize those two ewes you bought from Terri-- they were out of two of the bigger ewes I've had here. I'm glad you like their size. I'm amazed and pleased that Terri tamed them down-- their moms didn't like people. Nice looking ram, too. Have fun.

Anonymous said...


I really like the name of Biloxi Bleu for the ram! It fits him. His dam just gave birth to twin (3/4 BFL) ewe lambs. They look to have wonderful fleece. I think Bleu will pass that on to his progeny also. I can't wait to see pics of the Shetland lambs! I miss Bella's "baa" at the feeder. :-)