Friday, April 30, 2010

Chickens Ameraucana, Easter Eggers and Black Sex Link

Flash is my Blue Red Ameraucana rooster. He is a year old and very colorful. I have 4 chicks a month old from him. Of course the blue one didn't live a day but the other four a growing well Too early to tell the gender. Flash is from a blue egg and I only incubated blue eggs.
Five of my eight hens, having breakfast. Layer pellets and cooked rice. They lay 5-8 egg a day so I can't complain. Days of 8 eggs I get, 5 blue, one drab green, one cream and one brown egg.
I made an outside open that I can feed them in and the sheep can;t get to their feed.  They have free reign of the barn and pasture. Their coop has been taken over by my EE pullets.

My 8 three month old Easter Egg pullets, Very large for their age. All are bearded- a little heavy on brown-n-black color and one pure white. They will probably lay blue green eggs. I bought them as straight run 25 chicks, after the roosters were gone I had 8 pullets But I cant complain I bought a January special 25 chicks for $42 chix and shipping. They arrives on Jan 22nd a warm day..and stay healthy and grew well.  They should be laying by late June.

When I have hens/pullets for sale I get swamped with calls- long after they are sold. So I did a bit of speculating and purchased 25day old black sex link pullets. They are now a month old and doing well.  They will be available late July as pullets ready to lay.

Today my Shetland ewe Lily came into the barn for grain without her lambs. Ate and left the barn. I was concerned as morning and evening I check that everyone is counted for. So I did a pasture walk...pasture has lots of blind spots-- hills, rises, a few big rocks, trees. I found Lily with her twins, they were nursing, I guess Lily has started to hide her lambs like a deer. My Shetlands also graze during the night and in the rain. Very different in a good way from other breeds. The others would bed down at dark and just be getting up at 7 AM.  I am learning. I guess it will take a small pen after weaning to tame down the ewe lambs.


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