Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lionhead Rabbits

You can put a country boy in town, but you can't take the country out of the boy
I decided to start  blogging again.
A year ago I converted my garden shed into a rabbity. I purchased 3 double maned Lionhead rabbits, a buck and 2 does. Lionheads are a dwarf breed wiegh 2.5-3 pounds, have a mane of longer fur like a lion, a skirt of fur along their flanks and most important very tame.....come up to receive their petting. When I am feeding them, if I haven't petted one, it will nudge my hand, as if to say hey come on, pet me! My does are full sisters, Baby and Cuddles gave me wonderful kits. nothing beat a box full of bunnies! Cute, tame and respond well to being cuddled. The slick furred young bunny soon becomes furry as a lion. I found homes for the extras and go into winter with my two does Baby and Cuddles. Cuddle's son Butter and Baby's son Louie (Granddaughter's favorite and she named him) and Louie's sister Babette.  My bunnies carried dilute genes- lilac, chocolate, blue, fawn. So any color bunny is possible in the nest box, keeps it interesting and fun.
Here are the pictures




Month old Butter(see his blue shade)

                                                             Box of bunnies!




Till later