Friday, November 22, 2013

To Run Amok!

One of my favorite phases is 'running amok'. My definition of running amok is when you throw off all resistant, shackles and go a bit crazy..really fun..But you must know where the throttle is--- well you don't have to use the throttle, but then Look Out!
[disclaimer- I'm not responsible for others who try full throttle running amok]
As you all know 2 years ago, I moved off my hobby farm. "you can take the boy out of the country' but you can't take the country out of the boy"  I  live on the edge of Fergus Falls..few close neighbors. I  found the perfect nice home for me and it came with a small barn!!  I have had a few false starts to what critters to keep. I have stuck to my Lionhead rabbits.
The last 10 days has been a mild (using the throttle) running amok. I purchased two young Lionhead rabbits, Betty handles all her bunnies from birth so they are tame, can be picked up, held, and they cuddle in like a tame kitten.
Tuesday Spee Dee delivered my new pair. Casanova is a tri-color buck - think calico- and Fancy is a Harlequin doe with very good markings.. I am thrilled



Casanova and Fancy  join my other pair Baby (doe) and Louie (buck)

Same day!  I received my pair of Old Fashioned Frills - "Satinettes"
Small, calm, tame and quiet, sense a theme?
Intoducing Tina (left) and Ike (right) They both have a diverse color genetic background, so they will produce several different colored wing shields/tails.
 Tina and Ike (Turner)
Every really good running amok needs a throw back to what started my critter love, Chickens!!
My first chickens I was 6 years old, ah... I will be 59 in January
When I moved to town, a dear friend has kept my Ameraucana flock going. They lay large sky blue eggs in any weather, perfect Minnesota layer. Not only do they lay blue eggs, and selected to be great winter layers, the majority of them have blue/gold, blue/red,, blue plumage!! My goal was achieved blue hens that lays a blue eggs!  So honoring that long tradition of keeping chcikens I am getting 13 chicks next Wednesday....I am permitted to keep four hens, so later I will pick out 4 favories.....amok! amok!
I have adapted my little barn into multi - levels  So I have room for all under one roof....
all well kept and the floor is swept every day,,,,,,visitors need not worry about their shoes!
Its easier to cuddle and play with everyone while inside out of the winter wind!
Debate if you must, but a good running amok is good for the soul
Till later