Monday, April 12, 2010

Lamb watch continues In other news....

My garden is coming up with Iris, day lilies, sedum, primrose, peonies, Queen Anne's Lace to name a few. I have been watering so it gets a good start. (can't get the italic to stop....) The first to bloom" so my forsythia bushDelicate flowers, really two petals that a strong wind can destroy, so I enjoy it while it lasts. The rest of the summer its just another bush....nothing eye catching. 
This year I am adding a few more fancy day lilies, double ruffled in colors of strawberry cream and such.  My perennial flower garden and flowering bushes used to run the length of the house 64 ft and 30 ft down the walk--it was beautiful, I am the type to have a clean flower got to be too much. I was over doing it and not enjoying it.  So Fall 2008 I had a plant give a way, you dig it you can have it. I predug and moved my day lilies and a few bushes up to the save zone. Now the sidewalk is in an arc of grass and the flower bed is 1/5 its original size, but its clean! So the bed is getting better each year as the moved bushes and flowers settle in and take off.  Hence why I need to fill in the holes with more day lilies. 
We haven't have a rain in 3 weeks....we could use one.....our oak trees are still in bud stage, pasture grass is standing still,  I have a theory  In the real heat of summer a tree's leaves curl up to conserve moisture..well along that premise, if no rain falls to moisten the tree takes longer for the trees to leaf out..just a theory--no date to support it  just my way of thinking. So when I water my young apple trees and bushes I spray water on the branches too.....I don't know.....
So here is wishing your ewes are not holding out on you........and you are getting rain

Till later


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