Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am wishing everyone a great weekend

With considering all the brilliant, devious minds we had in high school, I don't know how we missed this one.

At a high school in Montana, a group of students played a prank.
 They let three goats loose inside the school.

But before turning them loose, they painted numbers on the sides of the goats: 1, 2, and 4.

School Administrators spent most of the day looking for No. 3

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beautiful Ameraucana Blue eggs keep piling up!

I have 24 large fowl Ameraucana eggs in my incubator due to hatch July 7th. My five hens are laying well and the eggs are piling up!  What to do? I have a new small flock of Wheaton/Blue Wheaton Ameraucana bantams too.
So I decided it makes sense to buy another incubator. So I searched the net and found a good deal on another Brinsea Oce 20, I ordered in it. Now I can set a hatch every 10 days if I wish. I like options
I am well aware of the dangers of chicken I will proceed with optimism and caution


Saturday, June 18, 2011

New better "keeper" pictures taken this evening

Lollipop twin 3/26/11  by Butte and Polly
Gem twin 3/27/11  Butte and Nugget

 Lollipop and Gem each had a twin sister that I sold. Early on Gem and Lolli would always be together I thought they were sisters till I read their ear tags [ they were tagged in the maternity pens, so no mistakes]

Luv Me granddaughter's pet ram  (yes I know but he is handsome) 3/27/11  Butte and LRO Yarrow
His top line is good I had just done this to show his gorgeous fleece So its ruffled on the top Such fiber length in a 80 day old lamb!

 And my house warming bottle baby Lil' Orphan Annie  pure Icelandic, badger faced marked and her sire carries spots>>>Its very hard to take her picture as I am 'mom' She is growing like a weed.......loves the sheep pellets the lambs get twice a day

I am going to end with a picture of my Blue Knight Iris blossom.....its huge...pictured with my hand to prove it!

 Till later

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tonight I fired up the incubator!

I put in 21 blue eggs from my Blue Golden Ameraucanas. Hatch will be July 7-8 when my granddaughter Nessie is here...She loves to watch the chicks hatch. I will take pictures so you can see the first chips of the chick breaking out....wet chick , a fluffy dry stay tuned

I have 4 lambs that I am keeping. When you run a petting zoo flock.....quality sure but they have to be tame!
Nessie's ram lamb "Luv Me" is huge, with good horns, modified moorit with fine long single coated I need a 3rd ram,,,,no but its Nessie's  Yes I know there will come a day when he is rammy and will have to go.
Lollipop is a daughter of Poppy. Poppy is Ag and a cream color. Lollipop is turning a light musket beneath her moorit. It would be neat if she kept her light collar, but when her fleece is done it will probably be all the same tone.

Gem is a daughter of Nugget a dark musket ewe. Gem is big and wide. Always the first one to stop in front of me to be noticed. She will stay a dark almost black moorit. Her head is not light- its a dirt spot on my camera lens....hey that happens in the barn..

 Counting the days till my new flock additions arrive from Sabrina and Gail.......


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flash 2 is back! And NEW Sheep coming!

My good friend and neighbor brought back Flash2 and 4 of his wives. I have them in a coop. The deal is I collect and hatch a batch of chicks in my incubator...and keep the Ameraucanas........Flash 2 is so handsome he is blue with gold, brick red, blue laced breast feathers.......and a gentle and calm rooster. His wives are a white hen, two brown red hens and one of his daughters.......a brick red hen with random feathers of blue and a blue tail. The color experiment continues.  They are true to type and all lay sky blue eggs.....

I have sold most of my lambs, keeping two March ewe modified morrit and the other is Ag moorit. I have a black badgerface Icelandic ewe lamb--- a house warming gift-- a bottle lamb!  Adding through the summer will be three ewes from Sabrina Erickson Pics courtesy of Boston lake Farms

"Sian" a black ewe,

"Leil" a Ag black dau of Sian

a yearling fawn katmoget "LRO January"  and January's son black katmoget "Sextant".  Then Gail Von Bargen's  1/2 Finn 1/2 Shetland black HST ewe lambs caught my eye....What beauties! Pics courtesy of Little Red Oak Farms

they will be coming at weaning along with their maternal grandmother LRO Snap.  All tame friendly ewes...
See I decided not to keep barn with a pitch fork and wheelbarrow next winter.....Cleaning by hand is hard work.........and that is after shoveling a path through the snow to the manure pile.....I have been keep my flock very very I have decided to hire someone with a skid loader to clean the barn come Spring. So "expanding" from 7 to 14 ewes is not such a leap.
It later


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Full of joy and wonder

My divorce is almost done. I have my 5 acre slice of heaven. My sheep, bantams and chickens. A son and a daughter, each with a great spouse--so another daughter and son.. 3 charming grand kids. Large extended family, close friends-- hey my cousins who are like good friends or siblings. I am blessed

 I want everyone to know I am not bitter, angry, upset, hurt, full of pity, frustrated, lonely or lost
I am hopefully, happy and have the time of my life. I will always be a sentimental soul with a love of Walt Disney endings, babies, kids and farm critters. I have  a strong sense of family, responsibility, a duty to do the right thing, to try my damnedest until its evident its hopeless. I am big softy really with old school ethics and morals. But I am German so I can get really mad, motivated and can plan to the ninth degree. I like to stay busy. I like to be around people. I like to plant and watch it all grow.  At times I think maybe I was born a generation or two later than I should have been.  But its all good.
She may take all his money
He may be a naive idiot
But he will always be hopeful
Therefore he will always be happy
Yup that's me