Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I haven't posted in quite some time. My back yard was a blank slate, no plantings save for a beautiful large flowering crab.
I moved my white fence from the farm to encompass my back yard.
 I planted several shrubs and started a perennial flower bed.

I am starting a list for next Spring.  Tiger Eye Sumac, Tamarisk shrub, Hollyhocks,
more rose bushes......possibilities are endless.

My hen house is empty. I decided not to chase after high egg production. Instead I ordered 18 straight run bantam cochin chicks in Six varities...... to arrive on Friday. (hoping to get one nice pullet per variety)  Pets - strictly to have, hold, tame down, pet and give treats. I can't keep Shetland sheep in town, but I got a chicken permit to have some small cuddly colorful bantams,
Golden Laced

Silver Laced

So as I post, you can follow along on the baby chick project.

Alot of friends and acquaintnaces say in astonishment "you moved to town?" Moving to town is like starting a new chapter. I left behind some opportunities, here I am open to new ones. I can walk downtown for groceries,to my bank and to the Library. I volunteer at the Hospital's information desk twice a week. I am meeting alot of new people. Every one is so friendly. I live in a quiet well kept area, great neighboors. My family is closeby. I have my small rambler house with laundry on the main floor.....easy living.....my house is charming, clean. When my divorce started a cousin told me " I think you will be just fine." She was right.  My new committee of one..........shoot any new idea I propose, gets approved and passed. Life can't get much better than that!

Till we talk later