Thursday, April 15, 2010

Introducing Tulla and Tundra

This morning the ewes were making more noise than usual. I didn't hear any baby cries. I fed the ewes grain. Where's Bella? I went out the barn door and there in a corner of the pasture stood Bella with a look and a shrug "what's the big deal?"  There were the cutest--yes I am biased set of lambs I ever saw..remember I have been waiting for more lambs. A ewe lamb "Tulla" a mioget smirslet krunnet  Good friend Gail says Tulla is musket and is most likely AgAaBbBbSsSsM?M?   citing her sugar lips and light arm pits   A musket ewe is just great with me and a white ram "Tundra"  Mom Bella had them licked clean and they were standing. I moved them into a maternity pen.....Bella is tame and trusts me but was protective of her lambs. So I decided to let them settle in, so Bella could relax her watch, Tulla was nursing and Tundra looks like he has had his fill.  Both lambs have great crimp. You guessed it Tulla with her markings and the first ewe lamb born, she will stay and be added to the herd.
Well its 2 ewes with lambs and 2 more to go.........Lily will be soon  Maybeline another looong month yet.

Till later


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Rayna said...

Might be musket instead? Looks almost like Ag sugar lips on that ewe lamb. Cute nonetheless