Thursday, October 17, 2013

This year's Shrubs

Its mid October. I have had several inches of rain this month, 10 inches! our average for a year is 20, so far 31 inches......and we have a few months of "snow melt" to add to it!
I am an avid waterer of my plants. They arrive from the ursery beautiful large tops and small root systems, so I water to make sure they get well established. In my two Springs here I have planted 85 shrubs and 3 perennial flower beds...More next year! Well enough talk, here are the pictures of a few of my shrubs,
I like the long flowering season of Hydrangeas  My Limelight

My Hardy shrub Centennial Rose 

Red Weigala bush

Pink Weigala bush, forgot its name its 9 years old, I moved it from the farm, finally is looking somewhat like it should.  I think it should a thick lush shrub like my red weigala,but it does pack on the flowers

Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea, one of the real stars of my yard, flowers start out white, turn pink an finally to a red keeps sending out new blooms so it has all three colors at the same time!

 My second Strawberry Vanilla, most of its blooms are the final color stage.....absolutely stunning

My Incrediball, Annabelle, Endless Summer Hydrangeas by the bunny barn

Outstanding shrub, Summer Wine Ninebark, gorgeous thick spread, loaded wtih quarter size flowers in June, when not in bloom, its burgundy leaves make quite a statement
I planted two Summer Glow Tamarisk shrubs. They are just small whips, but here is the 6 year old on the farm.......I think its one of the neatest shrubs one can have in the yard. Mid summer it blooms with spikes of deep pink.
The only tree in my yard when I moved here in November, all the leaves off I didn't pay any attention to it....thought just a tree. What a surprise the next Spring!...A beautiful Flowering Crab Apple. I always wanted one and this one is Gorgeous and 25 ft tall and well shaped!...I added the white fence from the farm.

Pictures to keep in my mind as we enter 6 months old snow, wind and cold. Spring is special in any part of the country.....But here even more so, as we come out of short dark days to everything green and lush!
Till Later

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Flower Gardens

My rabbit cages have wire bottoms. I put sawdust on the floor of the bunny shed. I get a wonderful mixture of sawdust, rabbit droppings and waste hay. I apply it to my flower beds all summer as mulch, it does not burn the plants.  All winter I apply the mulch to my beds.
Fall is here, no frost yet, but most of the flowers are done. Faithful watering, heavy rabit mulch-- so very few weeds........I planted my flower bed so it blooms in I have flowers all summer. In order of appearance  Iris, Fox Glove, Asian Lilies, Giant Trumpet Lilies, Day Lilies, Hollyhocks, Phlox.


This summer I moved short plants out from in back to a new bed. In their space I planted 20 new Oriental Lily bulbs and 2 more giant Trumpter Lilies. I can't wait to see it!

Till later