Monday, October 18, 2010

Well I did it!

I have been eying a Brinsea incubator for 3 years. Yesterday i purchased a Brinsea Octagonal 20 ece incubator. It holds 24 eggs, eggs can be turned by manually shifting the octagonal base- no need to open the bator and lose the warm air. So I have my Silkie broody hens and an incubator. I can hatch out my own chicks from my Silkies and Ameraucanas
Update: The incubator arrived today. So I started saving eggs from Flash2 and his hens......when I get 24 I will start it up and give it a go.

Hey I have to stay busy!


Michelle said...

That is indeed a beautiful color; I've been admiring Nancy's in Bluff Country, too. But I also love the coloring of the Speckled Sussex, and have already noted the famed calm, sweet disposition in my new started chicks, even though they came unhandled from a big hatchery. So I think I'll be happy with my choice for now, and consider those beautiful BLR Wyandottes for future replacement hens.

corinne said...

I didn't know you had BLR's too! I love them. I will be hatching some of mine out in the spring too, but I got mine from Sand Hill Preservation, I wasn't able to get any from a breeder : (.