Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chocolate Bar!

I am not your traditional Shetland breeder. I have a grade spinner flock of purebred Shetlands w/o papers. I like my Shetlands with greater size. I have the great Shetland hardiness, up-and-at 'em lambs and beautiful soft fleece in a bigger package.
My granddaughter renamed our ram lamb "Chocolate Bar". He continues to please. He has size and beautiful fleece. In the second picture below C bar is standing in front of his 18 month old dam Tinkerbelle. She gave birth to Chocolate Bar at 12 months and he grew well. She weighs 110# and at 6 months C Bar weighs in at 80#!  A Big Thanks to Gail  for the great ram lamb and for all the fine ewes. Next Spring will be an exciting time.
Till later

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