Friday, October 15, 2010

Its never too early~~~~~~~~

Our granddaughter Vanessa--Nessie--- has been with us a lot from early on. In those early days we would have her for weeks at a time. Nessie has been coming to the barn with Grampa since she was 6 months old---born Dec 2, 2003 by Spring it was warm enough to bring her out.  I  would set her in the corner in her "barn" car seat and I would talk to her as I did chores. Nessie would look around cooing, unafraid of the chickens, sheep and goats. Our kids came out early too....made farmers of them all, even though they followed other paths! As she got older, she was right in there bottle feeding kids, petting the tame ones, riding the tame doe, holding countless chicks and picking eggs..........Now almost 7, she is fearless.
So now that there is dairy does to milk. "Grampa, I want to help you milk!"  The does are tame so I said "sure".  We sat down and I show Nessie how to hold the milk in the teat with the top of her hand then gently pull the milk out..(like my Grandpa told me when he taught me, 'let's make foam, as a good milker makes foam'.......age 9 I made foam and so did Nessie.....She did great!  We were alone in the barn, so the pictures are re-enactments.
Nessie with Shilo, Anne looks on

"Grandpa! I can hear her heart beat!"  (a Veterinarian in the making?)

Jerry   Grandpa


Michelle said...

Very cool; sometimes the "farming gene" skips a generation! :-)

Jerry said...

Thanks Michelle I always enjoy for comments.

Jerry said...

I meant thanks for your comments

Gail V said...

nice story, Jerry, nice pictures of the little girl with beautiful eyes.