Friday, October 22, 2010

Blue laced Red Wyandottes

I found two more blue BLRW hens from a friend. They arrive in Sunday. They are the classic blue laced red. So I will add them to my three splash BLRW hens. I put a wanted ad on Backyard Chicken Forum for a correct, rose combed, Wyandotte round shaped, good color and lacing BLUE BLRW rooster.
"Beach Boy" is coming by Express mail from California, thence his name. He s 5 months old, just trying to crow. His bloodlines are the best BLWR in the US.. fabulous color, true brick red with blue I am not bidding on any chicks as I have a good flock to hatch my own chicks.
He will fill out more as he matures, his tail and saddle/hackle feathers will become more sweeping
Fletcher Three Oaks welcomes Beach Boy




Michelle said...

He's handsome! How far are you from Garrett? Maybe I can have Garrett bring me some BLR Wyandotte youngsters west with him next summer!

Jerry said...

Garrett is an hour north of us. If you want some BLRW next summer, its works for me!

Verde Farm said...

He's beautiful Jerry. Hatch some of your own and I will buy a trio :)

Ruth said...
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Jerry said...

Thanks for the great comments I will contact you when the chicks are available!

Nancy K. said...

Aren't the BLRW fun? I absolutely love mine. I have bantam mille fleur and calico cochins (projects) as well but if I could only keep one breed of chicken, it would definitely be my blues!

They are such calm, curious birds and I find them quite friendly. Not to mention the nice, big eggs! ;-)