Friday, October 1, 2010

My Sheep neighbor stopped by

Carolyn and I have been friends for many years. She has had sheep 40 years. I value her opinion. We looked over the ram lambs. Discussed their good points. Chocolate Bar had a gorgeous single coat fleece with good crimp and length. He is modified..mioget in color like his dam. His dam lambed at 12 months old and is one of our Big ewes. She is as big as our big mature ewes! Some real size there.  He is built like brick  __house. I knew his horns were close when I picked him...but he had a lot of good qualities. So its use him and he's gone. So I would like to get the most lambs out of him. He will get the majority of the ewes, Yarrow, Bertha, Palisade, Dark Chocolate, Shasta, Nugget and Maybeline.

Brewster is a bit smaller but his conformation is really good, gorgeous heavily crimped fleece. His size will change alot by next Fall. He be used lightly and wintered over for heavy use next year. This fall Brewster will get HST marked Bella and her spotted dau Tulla, spotted Poppy and her dau Pansy. Spots on spots I should get some nice spotted lambs!

Ewes will be shorn mid February same as last year- ---nice wool clips and I didn't have any trouble with the  rise at shearing. I have a dairy doe due in February..with the sheep shorn the barn will be warm.

So tonight I worm the ewes, tomorrow the ewes going with Brewster will be pulled and Chocolate Bar will get his harem. C Bar's group will be able to roam the pasture----I am feeding hay too.  Brew and his crew will be on dry lot.

Till Later

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