Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One can't have too many Chickens!

In June my Silkie hen "Muffin" raised 12 Silkie chciks, hers and she adopted chicks from 2 other hens. Three days ago, Mufin hatched out 4 Ameraucana chicks. I have always wanted a few Golden Laced Wyandotte hens....
 Muffin is mothering chicks already........So I searched. Most hatcheries are sold out for the year, but Ideal had St Run GLW chicks available. Ideal chicks are to breed standard and arrive quickly and very healthy. So I ordered 12 chicks. (hoping I will end up with 4-6 pullets) When they come I will give the chicks to Muffin to raise....watching her closely for any ill reaction. But last time she took every chick in the coop. I'll keep you posted   Jerry

PS....their on line site said Ideal had chciks available for 10-6 Got an email that my order will be
filled 10-27  so I will have to use a brooder.......slipping 3 day old chicks to Muffin when her other chicks are a month old.....not the best  J


Michelle said...

Just in case you are ever in the market again, Far West Hatchery out here in Oregon sells chicks year round, since they've found that more and more people like getting fall chicks who are then ready to lay come early spring.

Verde Farm said...

HI there, just found your blog as I was looking around for chicken blogs. You are right, you can't have too many :) LOL Beautiful chickens and your sheep are gorgeous.
Amy at Verde Farm

Becky Utecht said...

Maybe you'll get lucky and another hen will go broody before 10-27. It's SO much easier to let the hens do the rearing of the chicks. Plus I think it's better for the chicks,they learn what's good to eat, etc.