Monday, October 11, 2010

My rooster Flash just got new wives UPDATE

Flash has a blue red laced chest and legs. After seeing Michelle's hen "Morgan" on her blog, I just have to try to get some more colors. I was able to find some Splash Blue Laced Red Wyandotte hens!
And I have 2 solid blue Wyandotte pullets coming from a friend. So I will experiment with making Blue Laced Red Easter Egg pullets and hoping for a Morgan or two.... the new hens will go in the same pen as my EE no added work. I get blue eggs, so any light brown/brown eggs will be from the BLRW and Blue hens. ......its the unknown that makes it interesting..their eggs set under my Silkies and anticipate "what will I get ?"  

I did some research A Splash BLRW roo on solid blue hens will not give me any laced chicks. So the 2 blue hens are in with Flash2  Perhaps I will get a blue gold EE hen like Michelle's "Morgan"?


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Verde Farm said...

Hi Jerry, I think he is a beauty. I bet you get some pretty biddies with your hens. I love color. I just got some calico mille fleur cochins--can't wait to have a clutch and see what I get :)
Amy ~:>-