Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have to say a big thanks to all you that read my blog, a special thanks and a smile to those that faithfully leave comments.

As you know,  2 weeks ago I bought an incubator......(a bow to the Chicken math blogging)...If you know how many chickens you have too much time on your hands.  Its best not to know for sure then you can honestly say when asked by not looking anyone in the eye,  your shoe toeing the dirt and with a shrug......oh a couple dozen....
Speaking of time Did you know that ANY cookie recipe can be put in a greased cake pan and made into bars?...why stand there making individual cookies.......I have "bars" in the oven right now.
Of baking.......I make bread for my chickens.........a small Jiffy Corn bread mix (outlet store 29 cents). 1/4 cup veg oil, 1 cup warm water, an egg too dirty for table use and 2 cups of flour, add that drab of leftover veggies. Add baking powder or baking soda which ever one you grab, sprinkle or dump some in,,,stir..pour in greased cake 350* and  in 30 minutes --a pan of chicken bread...........OR too much baking powder/soda  and 30 minutes can turn into a 2 hour oven cleaning job........oh I better go check on it!!
Oh its only a 30 minute day!
 Till later  
(I checked the blog entry later..don't know how most it is in larger print, be assured I am not shouting)

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Michelle said...

Sssshhhh, Jerry! All our chickens are going to demand custom meals after the blabbing on your blog!