Sunday, October 10, 2010

Very warm October!

We started with a cornfield, 4 acres of native pasture and made a farmstead. 7 years ago, the elm tree in front of our new house was 8 feet high. Wow how it has grown! It towers over and shade much of the house!
We have been having temps in the 80s. A frost a week ago, makes this an official Indian Summer. We just mowed our lawn, again. Still green and lush! I had my breeding groups set up and decided to wait till Nov 1st. I like all my ewes to lamb in one cluster not spread out for a month. So the ewes are in the barnyard, cleaning it up, getting hay and some grain. Nov 1st the groups will be set up and breeding will began......April lambs are easier.
Also on Nov 1st, my 2 does will have a visit from the neighbor's Alpine buck. Shilo is drying herself off and looks very pregnant. (kids on the right, rumen of the left)  This morning I will try to bump kids. If I am still suspicious I will call my friend- and ask is it possible the buck got to Shilo in early August?
Doing some more doctoring, and more tests. Weak and don't feel right. On Monday I was diagnosed  having an infection in pocket in my colon, so I am on antibiotics and next week had a colonscopy for the first time........yes at 55 I am due... I am a firm believer in getting to the root of the problem and solving it. I have too much I want to do to be weak, ill and out of commission.
I canceled my Fall chick order. Enough chores to do till I am well again.
Some days have been down right, too hot! But it beats snow and temps below zero!

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Michelle said...

I hope you are able to bounce back soon. Cancelling the chick order sounds like the sensible thing to do.