Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall is here!

Some of our big trees went bare in one day!   Temps in the 40s winter is coming. I haven't seen any action in the sheep yard, yet.  Yesterday we brought home a borrowed buck for Anna and they will kid mid-end of March. He is a light Chamosiee, tan with dark legs, face and dorsal stripe down his back. Alpines come in several shades, hues and colors, so the kids can be any color. Chance has sired several grand champions so we can't wait to see the kids. I know his odor is to attract and cause the does to come into heat, but his smell almost peels the paint off the walls!  I practice clean milking so the milk remains odorless. Chance is here for about 5 weeks and then goes home, he is sold. Next year the neighbors will have a new buck of a different bloodline that will come and stay for a bit.

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