Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Something new, something blue!

I purchased a bearded Silkie hen with 12 bearded Silkie chicks.  Muffin raised all 12 chicks. She started to lay and the poor hen will squat for a rooster, and I don't have one. So the search was on for a nice correct- Silkie Splash roo-- fluffy round 'ball' shape, all fine fur like feathers no hard normal feathering, with a small walnut mulberry colored comb and fully bearded-- no wattles.  There are some ugly Silkie roos out there! Big red walnut combs that look more like big growths and with red leghorn wattles. Well I found the perfect roo on Backyard Chicken Forum.....in Oregon!  Thanks to the USPS express mail he is on his way here. Due in tomorrow morning at our Post Office,  Big Boy and Muffin being both Splash blue will produce all Splash blue chicks.......boring?  Not at all, Splashes can be dark, light, very pale blue.....all beautiful. Silkies are notorious for going broody several times a year. So I am hoping they produce a batch or two over winter
Here is Big Boy in all his glory.......

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