Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just a few more>>>>>>>

Shetlands are like potato chips you can't have just one! I have several ewes from Gail. All are very tame and will eat pretzels out of my hand. I sit down on a cement block and they gather around, I really like that. Gail calls them puppy dog sheep. Some days I have more a petting zoo than a hobby farm. Gail had some good ewes that needed a new home. Emails back and forth...I chose 4 ewes, yrlg Poppy and her ewe lamb Pansy, yrlg Splash and a mature ewe Panda Bear. Today we met and pickup them up. Visited for a bit and headed home.
I have to say if I didn't make a dime on my Shetlands I would still have a flock of them. Very friendly. easily tamed, easy to handle. colors and markings aplenty. Breeding starts Oct 15...
mid March.....lambs-- a dash of this, a splash of that, a dab of that,,,,,,,,colors galore!
Here are some pictures courtesy of LRO, Gail
Poppy as a lamb
 Poppy as a bred lamb, long thick abundant musket fleece

Poppy and her ewe lamb Pansy   

Splash last fall as a lamb, now she is mioget

 Panda Bear, black with sun faded tips

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Gail V said...

So nice to see some of my favorite girls' pictures here, Jerry. I am so happy you are giving them a great pasture and home, which includes pretzels. I look forward to seeing their lambs' pictures in the springtime. It was also a pleasure seeing you, Paula and your darling granddaughter on Sunday.