Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Muffin and her brood!

Muffin and her 12 chicks. Muffin is a Splash Silkie. The blue color gene in poultry gives a variety
of offspring when you mate a blue roo with a blue hen. The chicks will be 3 colors. 25% will be blue splash 25% will be black and 50% will be blue. Blue Splash is the result of the chick receiving 2 blue genes for color. Mating Splash to Splash results in 100% Splash chicks. Muffin was mated to a Splash roo. Her 12 chicks are splash...from pale blue, light blue splash to dark splash.
I purchased Muffin with 12 chicks. There were 3 Splash hens in the pen and a very correct Splash rooster. Muffin mothered all the chicks. I was there to buy the chicks and talked my way into buying the mother hen too.  She is doing a wonderful job of mothering and teaching the chicks to be chickens. Muffin can be picked up and she sits quietly in my lap, doing a soft cluck as if she is purring.
All 53 of the layer pullets have been sold (I kept my layer flock) so this morning Muffin and brood got a bigger pen.
After taking Silkie pictures I was going to snap a new pic of my ewe lamb Tulla, my! how she has grown. But the flock had headed out to the far reaches of the pasture. So I will carry my camera in my pocket during chores, so when Tulla poses I am ready!

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