Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beautiful, Gorgeous OK I am biased

My ewe lamb Tulla. She has a beautiful fawn fleece and a spotted face. Her fleece is very soft, has crimp, good handle and some loft to it. She outgrew her brother a bit, now at 4 months old she is big girl. The other ewe in the second picture is Shasta my large 5 year old ewe,,,so Tulla has quite a frame already! Her dam Bella is among our largest ewes. Bella is very tame and with time and maturity Tulla will be too. I speak to their remarkable size as I like them unregistered spinner flock. 
Butte is a 4 month old huge ram lamb from Gail. His mother Tinker Belle is my largest ewe. Tinker lambed at 12 months old, and now at 16 months old she is my largest ewe! Talk about size. Here is a fuzzy picture of Butte, ah someday a digital zoom camera. Butte is wide, large, deep, thick powerful April ram lamb. His abundant, soft mioget fleece he inherited from Tinker Belle. Butte was shy among the other rams, now that they are sold he is getting is first taste of all his gain was on grass and milk!

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