Monday, August 9, 2010

Waiting on some hay

 One can hope..........
I'd like to get about 40 small bales of choice fine second/third cutting alfalfa for when my ewes are nursing. I have 2 sources.  Both are having a heck of a time getting hay up this year. We have gotten rain 3-4 times a week and some have been heavy 2-3 inches.  When a nice day does come along, the hay needs to be cut, then it lays on moist ground, hard to dry before the next rainfall. One farmer said he will have third cutting toward the end of August. So far we have gotten a lot of storm activity and more rain. Hoping for a drier rest of farmers can get some field work done. Pastures are still lush green. Plenty of grazing. 
See here's the deal one hot morning, I moved my first cutting around so I have a space for the new 40 bales.  Mind you I have almost enough hay for 2 winters. I have it arranged so I can fed the first cutting and come to the fancy hay at lambing time,,,,,,,plans do tend to go awry.......and patience is a virtue that should be sold in pill form!

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