Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More weeds met their doom!

You know once you get started and it looks so nice, you gotta keep going!  I scythed the whole pasture during the first crop of weeds.....4 acres.....so this time I used the riding mower and the weed eater. This morning I did a 40ft x 40ft patch with the mower. It was a bit rough....I got hung up a few times on ancient gopher mounds that the grass had covered. No rocks in the patch. Now I have a handful of solitary weeds to scythe down. When I had my Registered Boer Goat Brood stock-- a lot of goats  there was no time. Now with my dozen Shetland ewes the rythum has changed. Plenty of time of projects and time to sit watching them graze. A few shy ones to tame this fall, once you get then tame they are big babies. My granddaughter can hug May, Pal and Yarrow. and they just stand there. happy I guess,


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