Monday, November 12, 2012

They over stayed their welcome

I had a brooder box set up in my main floor laundry for my 16 cochin bantam chicks. A clear plastic 32 gallon tote,its lid cut to have half of it a screen. brooder light with 40 watt bulb attached to it-- on a card table.  The tote bottom had a bit of give to it.......At 10 days they started running marathons during the night. What a rucus...thump, thump, thump with a few chicks cheering them on with loud chirps. So I made a pen on a shelf in my hen house. At 2 weeks old I moved them out to their new pen.  Its larger, they are happy and I am gettin more sleep!

"They" say that the pullet chicks develop their wing and tail feathers before the rooster chicks do. If that holds true then this one is a pullet "Golda" she will jump up and stand on my hand, she's not afraid [disclaimer she is bolder than a pullet should be- time will tell the gender]
Here's the gang in their new pen..the chick at the wire is "Golda" a Golden Laced

Golda will look like this as a 6 month old pullet
Till later


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