Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The pieces are coming together!

I saw an ad for February born three way cross ram lambs. I called. The flock has been selected for fine fleece, stout broad stock, multiple births lambing at 225% and milky ewes. I chose a moorit badger faced/katmoget marked ram lamb. "Kathmandu" is 3/8 Black Welsh Mountain 3/8 NCC Cheviot 1/4 Shetland. Has a definite Cheviot look. Stout, stocky, wide and well built. He will be shown at the Kandiyohi County Fair--so will be  halter broke, tame and easy to handle. We will pick him up the second week of August.  There maybe a ewe lamb or two coming also--seller has to decide who can go. He will tame them down as well. Just the way I like them.



Michelle said...

I'm spinning a sample of Black Welsh Mountain right now and it is the harshest, coarsest sheep breed I've tried. I hope the stock you are considering are MUCH finer! Have you gotten samples from the parent stock?

Jerry said...

Thanks for your concern amd experience. I was careful in my selection, with the Shetland background the fleece is very soft.
I don't need any steel wool fleeces. Keeping the flock small, very few lambs are kept each year. Any coarse wooled lambs will be sent to market.