Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Lambs!

Last night Poppy looked like she might be starting labor, arching her tail and sniffing the straw, so I put her in a maternity pen. Not really expecting her to lamb as she has the latest service date....... This morning she had twin ewe lambs...Nice sized, licked clean and nursing! Really thick crimpy lamb's wool Polly was put in with the spotted ram later, but it looks like these are by the modified morrit ram "Butte" I have yet to witness a Shetland lambing......not for lack of observation nor perseverance.....they just like to lamb alone.

Poppy's twins    Wild white head markings!


Better picture's of Nugget's ewe lambs  Day 3   Eyes not red..its the camera flash in the barn

Flock of 7 ewes, 2 have lambed both with twin ewe lambs! The others to lamb by Saturday. All 4 lambs are sugar lipped so they will be musket like their dams. Starting with 4 ewe lambs, is Mother Nature telling me to expand my flock?  Oh and then there is the new sheep coming --3 open yearling 3/4 BFL ewes, brown Finn ram by April 4. And after the Kandioyhi Fair  a Katmoget marked 1/2 Black Welsh 1/2 NC Cheviot  ram lamb and maybe a white (covering black)  Welsh/NCC ewe lamb.....Got the room  More the merrier!


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Michelle said...

I think Mother Nature is telling you to stick with Shetlands! ;-)