Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fleece Sales

At 5 AM on Thursday February 17th I advertised my 2011 fleeces. By 8 AM 3 were sold. The shearer arrived at 10AM,,,,,8 ewes took know time at all. He sheared the belly wool separate. My ewes were not jacketed, very little VM as I designed a hay bunk that they can't pull out large pieces of hay. I skirted them carefully and placed each one in its marked (liquor store) box--- hey the box is sturdy and the perfect size. The next couple days I picked through each fleece on the kitchen island. Discarded the chaf filled neck wool, pulled out the few timothy heads inn the fleece. By then all were sold. Buyers sent their money by PayPal and I shipped them off.

I received several positive comments Here's one

Maybeline's fleece arrived yesterday, and it's lovely.  Thank you.  It's as fine as some of the ones I've gotten in the Shetland Islands.  I just wish the locks were slightly longer as I like to spin from the lock, but still I can't wait to spin it.

Long locks are to come. I have purchased tame friendly sheep from Teri Drimel A 3 yr old moorit pure Finn ram originally From Gail and three 3/4 BLF yearling ewes originally from (Psalm 23) The Finn ram on my Shetlands will give me long locks on my ewe lambs and the BLF ewes have lovely fleece.

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