Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yesterday morning I went out to do chores, there was Nugget with lambs! Two nice ewe lambs, licked clean, dry and tummies full. Both are morrit, Nugget is musket so they may turn musket later. As the first ones they are getting a lot of attention. We got 8 inches of snow overnight, so no nice "on green grass" pictures. Just dim pictures taken in the bright barn as the lambs lay sleeping off a tummy full of milk.
Presenting Nugget, Jewel and Gem.

 The lambs' sire  Butte  He is a stout built bigger ram with fine single coat fleece that falls in ringlets.  Pictured at 4 months, last August, and yes on green grass!

Last fall the ewes all bred in one tight group, so more lambs any day,,,,,,,,,



Terri D. said...

Nugget's lambs look sweet! Ewe lambs, yay! I bet they will have lovely fleece. :-)

Becky Utecht said...

Congrats on the lambs Jerry! It's not a real close up photo,but it looks like there are sugar lips on the lamb on the right. That would indicate she's musket. Enjoy your lambs!

Jerry said...

I appreciate my readers and thanks for your comments. Yes Becky, I think both lambs will be musket when they are done. They sure are a nice set.