Thursday, March 10, 2011

New doe in Milk

 I purchased my two milking does from Kelly. My two does are dry will kid by the end of March. Kelly called with a proposition. She said they had a 3 yr old doe "Chloe" who gave birth to a beautiful doeling. Unfortunately at day 3 they found the doeling dead in the kid warming box. She asked if I wanted to have Chloe and milk her till my two does came in. I said Sure- fresh goat milk....yes! We got Chloe home Tuesday afternoon. She is tame stands well and is very easy to milk. A very nice doe indeed.
After my does kid, Kelly is buying back the kids and will use Chloe's milk to feed them This works for me as I feeding a group of bottle kids would use up too much of my goat milk supply.


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