Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lamb Watch

I was going to wait to post till the lambs and kids came.......I have service dates on 2 weeks they all should be in. All have Big tummies. I stand there with my camera and the ewes all walk up for a cracker, very tame but it makes photographing them a challenge!
Here's  Maybeline, Palisade, Tinkerbelle

 The prize however goes to 4 yr old Anna  She was big last year and had triplets. This year trips or maybe quads.....I just want an easy birth and healthy kids
And just to prove that Spring did finally arrive, a shot from the mailbox
Till later


Michelle said...

And I thought my Annabelle is big -- some of yours are ENORMOUS!

Gail V said...

I love it. I love seeing all my good old girls there with you, all ready to give you a batch of lambs. I look forward to seeing the little baby faces.
They are bred to who? Color, markings?

Jerry said...

Poppy is bred to a spotted ram lmab, the rest are bred to Butte, the huge ram lamb from you out of Tinkerbelle and was his sire Leonardo?