Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lamb Watch 2011

Lambing is 3 weeks away I am impatiently watching my matron ewes lumber about with their big tummies. The shearer said  "you do a great job of feeding and caring for your sheep. They are in perfect condition for lambing". They appear to all be carrying twins. Old Palisade looked at me last night as if to say " Am I done yet?"  She is moving slower and with care these days. The others are taking it all in stride. It should be a colorful crop. I have a lot of Ag- the greying gene-- in my ewes. My biggest ewes- Yarrow, Nugget, Bella, Maybeline, Palisade and Tinker are bred to Butte, a modified moorit ram lamb out of my Tinkerbelle. Poppy is bred to Brewster. Tinkerbelle is a huge yearling ewe (+100 pounds) In the picture Tinker is 16 months old and Butte is 4 months weighed in at 75 pounds. Look at his growth, square blocky frame and beautiful single coated thick fleece. When we sheared Tinker, her fleece was super soft and very abundant. Beautiful fleece and size are a winning combination in my spinner flock.
Waiting to hear newborn cries.........Jerry

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Michelle said...

I will either have lambs next week or in three weeks like you. I sure hope at least ONE lambs next week!