Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More lambs A set of triplets!!

Thoroughly enjoying lambing  Its like live Christmas presents,  I have yet to be present for a birth  Its like they wait till I am not there....Lambs up dry and have nursed---ewes cleaned  The ewe looks at me--"all done  no big deal"  It which I think "OK  let's see what you had (ram or ewe)"
Third ewe presented me with twins,,,no wait there is a lamb in the hay storage part of the barn too  Yarrow had triplets,,,two boys and a ewe lamb that wandered off.......all good sized,,,,,all the same size...out of Tinker belle's ram Butte,,,,,,,I have a theme going this year.....lambs are brown (all sugar lipped  Ag gene) with wild white markings on their heads- like you drizzled white paint at random--..Yarrow rejected "Rosebud" I tried to get Rosebud to smell like her brothers,,,no way  Yarrow attacked the 'stranger' That's OK  Rosebud was away from the group exploring too long.......Yarrow is a good mom,   so Rosebud will be our bottle lamb.....in the laundry room in a pet carrier and took to a bottle right a way.....cries every couple hours for more.. I have two fresh goats and have plenty of milk

Rosebud   Look at her face!
3 ewes...7 lambs.....2 rams 5 ewes!   Tinkerbelle, Pal, Maybeline, Bella to lamb very very soon


Becky Utecht said...

Congratulations on Yarrow's triplets Jerry! Sorry you have a bottle lamb, but at least you're equipped for it and I bet your granddaughter Nessie is going to enjoy her. :-)

Gail V said...

Yarrow's Rosebud looks just like most of Yarrow's lambs! Some have been yuglet sokket though. Too bad she liked the boys better...