Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The wait for lambs has begun.

Maybeline one of our ladies in waiting
So why Shetlands?
A few years ago, I had sheep for 8 years a commercial herd of Dorset, Finn crosses, Romanov crosses, Sufflock, Montadale and Border Leicesters
Our first year we had 4 Romanovs bred to our Dorset ram. One day the 4 Rom ewes were real close, so I penned up the 4 ewes and we went to work. That night at chores.......first pen 4 lambs........can't all be hers! so who else lambed and the lambs got in her pen?.....next pen 4 lambs (seeing a pattern here.....) third ewe 3 lambs, fourth ewe 3 lambs.......all up dried off, nursed That year Dorset/Finn cross, Romanovs and some crosses, some Dorsets.....16 ewes and we weaned 48 lambs. Beginners luck. So I have been there done that.

As I start my new flock I have 3 shetland ewes. Shetlands are the best! The only sheep I'll keep
I am enjoying their Small size, I was going to check a hoof on a Big Border Leicester ewe we landed on the ground I had a 200# ewe on top of me! I am Too old for that.
Shetlands have incredibly soft excellent fleeces. They are tame gentle quiet, some love hands on attention. Known for their easy lambing, best mothers and heavy milkers.
So more Shetlands are coming this summer I can't wait

Till Later

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Garrett808 said...

Jerry does this mean your mules will be for sale this year?