Friday, March 19, 2010

First Lamb of the season!! The first lamb for us in Six years!

6:30 at evening grain, Shadow wasn't interested. She hung back and was sniffing the straw as if she were looking for something. Her lambs had dropped and her ligaments were sunk. I put her in a large pen...She is so big I am expecting twins or more.I checked her at 8:45 nothing.  
11:30 barn check  Shadow has a beautiful lamb, its all cleaned off and nursing. Oh the color!  I check the sex it a ram lamb But what a pretty ram lamb.  "Shade" has HST markings. He is sired by a white Border Leicester ram  Shadow is a great mom and has plenty of milk. Shadow is a 120# ewe and Shade is a hefty lamb. I will be watching Shade as he grows and his fleece develops, maybe he will be a ram candidate for my spinner flock.
Shadow was in need of more groceries when I bought her, so dropping a single egg was probably all she could muster. And farming's perennial optimism maybe she will more lambs next time. I like her.
My other 4 ewes, Maybeline and Cher are bred Border Leicester, Goldlie and Silver are bred Shetland
are not due till May  So further lamb excitement will have to wait..and wait.........and wait........

Till later



Cynthia said...

What a handsome little fellow Jerry. I love the cross lambs and their potential to bring all that color and pattern from parent breeds into a new expression. Especially when it is flashy and HUGE.

Too cute. Congrats.

Michelle said...

Wow. Where did all that COLOR come from? Congrats!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Very flashy lamb. Congratulations!

Gail V said...

Big cutie pie, Jerry.
Congratulations! Sorry you'll have to wait and wait, now. And that boy will be the big bully when the little ones come!

Rayna said...

Awesome! Congrats! :)