Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I need your help! What breed(s) is Goldie?

Goldie is an exceptional ewe. She was sold as a Shetland but is the size of a good mule ewe, so not a Shetland. I would like to produce more like her-- with the right ram on my Shetland ewes  I like her
Open face and head, clean legs, friendly disposition, small ears to the side, fine fleece. She doesn't have the erect ears of a BFL cross, nor the pendulous ears of a Karakul or Tunis, as a 2 yr old produced a beautiful single lamb so probably not part Finn or Romanov.
She was bred to a Shetland ram and produced Silver. Silver has Shetland quality fleece and again the size of a hefty mule.

I don't know the answer just ask for your best guess, may be you have a  ewe like her and can suggest her breeding?
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Karakul Finn ewe


Karakul Cross ewe

Half Romanov ewe
      NC Cheviot/shetland                                             


Rayna said...

She's not "hefty" yet, she's half slow growing Shetland lol. But mom and dad were both larger, so I'm sure she'll get up there in size. I think the coloration is the big thing here, not many sheep breeds have the yellow faces. I have more pictures for ya that I took yesterday :)

Jean in Mt. said...

Sorry, I don't have that much experience away from Shetland,Icelandic, BFL. Just wanted to say she looks beautiful and friendly. It looks like her fleece is maybe shorter, fine and dense, maybe more lanolin-y looking. Perhaps checking out fleece types would give you more direction ? Good luck !!